Laser Lipolysis

Laser Lipolysis



Laser Lipo is the perfect treatment to have prior to having a cryolipolysis treatment (fat freezing) or can be used as a great stand alone treatment for cellulite and fat. Utilizing both treatments together accelerates and enhances the results achieved. This treatment works by infiltrating three layers of tissue with the use of low level lasers. This fat zapping light energy encourages the fat cells to release water, free fatty acids and glycerol through the pores of the cell.

These now free-floating compounds are then absorbed by the lymphatic system and metabolised as energy through a natural metabolic process. Following this process, the fat cells, having lost the vast majority of their content they simply shrink. This results in significant and measurable inch loss for our clients. All this is achieved without any apparent damage to surrounding tissues such as skin, muscle and nerve tissue. When both treatments are used alongside each other the results seen really arew astounding, we call this treatment



The deep freeze includes free use of our Infra red sauna room or Infra red pressotherapy room to aid detoxification and further enhance the fat loss process.

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